Currently we are only fulfilling flag orders from the USA.

Design Specifications

We have created the following guidelines to assist you in preparation. When we make your custom printed prayer flag, we will work with you to ensure that all the details are taken care of. 


The flags need to have an ink border around the design. It can be a simple line or a more robust decorative border. The border helps the tailors hem the flags as well as sets off your design. The top and the bottom of the flags need to have 1" of fabric beyond the border. On the top, this allows the tailors to sew the string in. On the bottom, it allows for the required International Customs' identifiers. Sides need to have 1/2" of fabric beyond the ink border for hemming. This is added to the total flag size. For example: if you want an image size of 8" wide x 10" long inside the border, then you would have a total flag fabric size of 9" wide x 12" long. It is that total size that determines the price.


Graphic files 300 dpi, 100% resolution, PDFs, black and white files. Each flag needs to be a separate file, not all flags in one file. This allows the screens to be burned with ease. You can email them to us:

Identifiers for Customs: 

On the first flag of the set, (and only on that flag) you will need to put 100% Cotton   Made in Nepal and your URL or company name underneath the border, font size 10 or higher. The flags will be packaged with this flag on the top so that if Customs opens the box they can easily see their requirements (type of material, country of origin, and recipient).

Example of Graphic Files: 

These are ready for our flag makers. Each flag is a separate file in black and white. Underneath are the ink colors chosen. And underneath that are the fabric colors chosen for each flag. These gorgeous mushroom identification flags were designed by James Nowak for the Puget Sound Mycology Society and they turned out beautifully!


All flags come packaged flat 1 set per plastic bag. If you don't want them packaged this way, the flags can be shipped flat without bags.


Once your graphic files are approved by our flag makers, then I will ask you to submit your 50% deposit through our online payment system. We accept all 4 types of credit cards, as well as PayPal. The balance plus the International shipping charges will be due after you have received your flags.


We LOVE your questions! We want to make sure ALL of them are answered to your satisfaction and that you are entirely comfortable with the process of ordering custom flags. We also enjoy talking on the phone with customers, so feel free to call us. If you email, that's fine too, and we will respond in a timely manner.

Sample Set: 

Upon your request we will be happy to mail you a sample set of flags so that you can see the quality of the fabric, printing, sewing and cord.

Thank you so much.  We are eager to co-create with you!