Tibetan WindHorse Flags - medium size

This design is discontinued. We are currently offering custom-designed prayer flags. Please take a moment to look at our Gallery of Flags.

WindHorse with the wishfulfilling jewel on his back is perfect for your intentions.

Flags are: 10" x 12" and the set hangs 5' wide.

This 5 flag set is very traditional; almost a thousand years ago this would have been the favored set. WindHorse is the carrier of prayers on the wind in Tibetan culture and is synonymous with prayer flags.

The 4 Dignities surround WindHorse in the 4 corners of the flag. They are: Garuda, Dragon, Snow Lion and Snow Leopard. The mantras on the flag are those of Tara, Guru Rinpoche, Vajrasattva and Manjushri.