Tibetan Prayer Flags 'Deities Set' (5 Flags)

This design is discontinued. We are currently offering custom-designed prayer flags. Please take a moment to look at our Gallery of Flags.

This is a very traditional Buddhist set. Amitayus is the Buddha of boundless and long life. Windhorse (Lungta in Tibetan) carries our prayers on the wind. In the 4 corners of this flag are the 4 supernatural creatures: Dragon, Tiger, Snow Lion & Garuda/Eagle.
  • Blue: Medicine Buddha
  • White: White Tara
  • Red: Amitayus Buddha
  • Green: Green Tara
  • Yellow: WindHorse

Each flag is 14" x 17", unhemmed and hangs over 6 1/2' wide. Send Blessings on the Wind!