Currently we are only fulfilling flag orders from the USA.

Custom/Branded Flags Made Specifically for You!

Imagine how much more effective your unique messages can be when they are displayed on brightly colored, handmade flag sets! At West Wind Flags we really enjoy working closely with our custom flag clients to insure they get the highest quality indoor/outdoor flags that communicate their short phrases or stand alone words in a distinctive, cheerful display.
You can utilize Custom Flags as:

Thank you gifts




And you can utilize them as up-lifting décor at:



Public spaces


You can increase your retail profit margin by selling them online or over-the-counter as branded merchandise that diversifies your line of products. They also work great as the basis for fund-raising projects. Routinely the markup is at least 100% of the wholesale cost.


Here are three examples of our custom flag projects:


WWF founder France Robinson displays the custom “Notes From the Universe” five flag set produced for Mike Dooley’s TUT organization. The first shipment of flags sold out, so Mike’s office re-ordered another 400 flag sets within one month after receiving the first 200.

                                               Human Rights Campaign

Since 2004, H.R.C. has sold thousands of the custom flags we created for them through their stores, website and at events.


HIV AIDs Alliance of New England chose to have custom flags created for donor gifts, fundraising, and awareness.


Your custom flag set can have one, two, three ... up to twelve different flags on one string.

We’ll work closely with you to:

  • Create a meaningful theme for your flag set.
  • Decide on the number of individual flags you want on a cord (up to 12 maximum).
  • A variety of fabric colors are available.
  • Choose the size of the flags (up to 11” x 17” each).
  • Select the most powerful phrases or words to communicate your message.


Our 100% fine cotton flags are handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by Tibetan Buddhists. Through more than 22 years of business we have developed an excellent relationship with our flag makers, and all West Wind Flags are Fair Trade products.
Once we have an understanding of what kind of custom flag set you would like, it would be a pleasure for us to develop a quote for you, and we’re eager to answer all of your questions. (For your reference, custom flags average about $12.00 per set delivered in USA. Your actual cost can be above or below this figure depending on the number of flags per cord, size of the flags, complexity of the graphics, quantity of flag sets in the order, and shipping delivery address.) Due to the work involved in creating custom flags, we have set a minimum at 200 sets.


Our custom flag department is looking forward to hearing from you:        (541) 778-3645 (PST)
Bright Blessings,
France Robinson, Founder
Mark E. Gibson, Marketing Director