Currently we are only fulfilling flag orders from the USA.

Custom/Branded Prayer Flags Made Specifically for You! 

Imagine how much more effective your unique messages can be when they are displayed on brightly colored, handmade flag sets and customized for your organization or event! At West Wind Flags we really enjoy working closely with our custom flag clients to insure they get the highest quality indoor/outdoor flags that communicate their short phrases or stand alone words in a distinctive, cheerful display. You can utilize Custom Flags as: 

  • Thank you gifts 
  • Promotions
  • Souvenirs
  • Incentives

And you can display them as up-lifting décor at: 

  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Public spaces
  • Weddings

You can increase your retail profit margin by selling them online or over-the-counter as branded merchandise that diversifies your line of products. They also work great as the basis for fundraising projects. Routinely the markup is at least 100% of the wholesale cost. Some of the non-profits we've worked with markup 10 times their cost, with no problem, as donors understand its for a good cause's fundraising. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you receive high quality flags, perfect for your application, that will delight the recipients!

Your Choices

Choose the size of the flags you want: smallest available is 4" x 4", largest is 14” x 17”.

Custom flags can have 1, 2, 3 ... up to 15 different flags on one string. 

Select fabric colors from the chart below.

6 Ink Color choices: Black, White, Green, Red, Yellow and Dark Blue.

You can have a different ink color on every flag in the set if you'd like, or make it uniform. Only 1 ink color per flag however.

Suggestions as you plan:

Select the most powerful phrases or words to communicate your message. Utilize any existing graphics or logos you already have, or develop new graphics. Create a visually pleasing combination of borders, fonts, and graphic design.  Once we have an understanding of what kind of custom flag set you would like, it would be a pleasure for us to develop a quote for you, and we’re eager to answer all of your questions. 


For your reference, custom flags (ex. 5 flag set with 8" x 8" flags) average about $12.00 per set delivered in the USA. All flags are drop shipped from Kathmandu, Nepal via DHL International Air. Your actual cost can be above or below this figure depending on the number of flags per string, size of the flags, amount of ink per flag, quantity of flag sets in the order, and shipping delivery address. Average shipping cost is $1.50/set. There is a set up fee to cover building the wood frames, burning the screens and the initial set up to make your flags. This fee is dependent on the number of designs per set and averages $120. You may have flags hemmed or unhemmed; unhemmed are less expensive.


Depending on how many flags are currently in the flag making queue, you could receive your flags in 6 weeks - 8 weeks from the time the graphics are approved by our flag makers in Nepal.


Due to the work involved for our flag makers in Nepal, we have a minimum of 200 sets. If you want sets with many flags on a string, such as 9-15, then the minimum can be reduced. Also, if you want single flags only, whether sewn on a string or not, we will be happy to discuss minimums with you.


We LOVE your questions! We want to make sure ALL of them are answered to your satisfaction and that you are entirely comfortable with the process of ordering custom flags. 

Sample Set: 

Upon your request we will be happy to mail you a sample set of flags so that you can see the quality of the fabric, printing, sewing and string.

We look forward to co-creating with you! 

Please fill out the Inquiry Form and send it on to us. Or give us a call. We LOVE to talk with people about their imagined flag project! We have 18 years experience making customers happy and bringing more beauty and meaning into the world through prayer flags.