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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Flags are raised to mark auspicious (fortunate) occasions, particularly at the New Year or Lo Sar, Tibetan New Year, which normally falls in mid February.

    Prayer flags are believed to be activated by the wind that moves them. It is good to clearly state one's intentions when hanging new flags.

    Other auspicious, traditional (and suggested) events are: English New Year, weddings, new baby parties, graduations, birthdays, memorial services - celebration of life, anniversaries, new home, new business and setting off on a major trip/adventure.

  • Because the date is a Lunar one, it changes every year. In 2018, LoSar falls on February 16th and ushers in the Year of the Earth Dog.

  • Nepal still uses old-style dyes and inks which don't smell good. New flags have an odor that will quickly dissipate when the flags are hung outdoors for a few days. If you plan to hang them indoors, simply let them air-out for a few days and then bring them indoors to hang.

  • You may either leave them up and let them completely dissolve in the winds OR you may burn them respectfully, allowing the last blessings to be released. Both of these choices are traditional with Tibetans.

  • West Wind designs the prayer flags in English and then has an extended family of Tibetan Buddhists living in Boudha (the Tibetan sector of Katmandu) Nepal make the flags. They are a 3rd generation prayer flag making family. They are happy to make prayer flags in English for us as they believe it is good for everyone to have more blessings on the wind. They also make all of our Tibetan prayer flags.