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Rainbow Flags

Everyone loves rainbows; we are delighted when they make a rare occurrence. Our world is a rainbow in a sense, filled with a colorful variety of ecosystems, animals, and cultures of people. We honor differences in many settings such as the underwater world where divers and snorkelers marvel at the varied, rich diversity of sea life. We hope to see all diversity appreciated amongst people too!


Healing Flags
West Wind Flags Exclusive

Our original set, created during a year when I was experiencing a health crisis and preparing for a major...
Blank 7 Flag Set - Rainbow
West Wind Flags Exclusive
Just Waiting for your Creativity!

Wow, these are cool! Create your own imaginative set using permanent markers, fabric paints or by sewing things onto...
Rainbow Flags
West Wind Flags Exclusive

West Wind designed the Rainbow Celebration Flags as gentle reminders, encouraging an appreciation of diversity. The magic of a rainbow...