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Peace Flags

Consider what peace means to you personally. Then we suggest you hang these peace flags with intention and a spoken aspiration such as: May I be an instrument of peace" or May these intentions, wishes, messages be lifted on the wind to benefit all."

Trust that by taking action for peace whether in word, deed or intention, you are making a difference in the world, a significant difference. Peace begins within each of us; the peace ripples outward.


Peace Mini Flags - 5 sets
West Wind Flags Exclusive

Designed for the times! These precious, small flag sets make a meaningful gift for people on small budgets. Each...
Global Peace Flags
West Wind Flags Exclusive

Inspire and Promote Peace!Mini flags in English: a thoughtful, unique gift. The blue and green colors of this set...
Global Peace Garden Flag - in English
West Wind Flags Exclusive

Transform your yard into a garden sanctuary with this beautiful, original flag! This white flag symbolizes Peace and is...
5 Flag Namaste Set
West Wind Flags Exclusive

Flags are 11" x 11" each and the set hangs a little over 5' across. A handsome card with...
Blank 5 Flag Set - Primary
West Wind Flags Exclusive

Make Your Own Peace Flags! This unprinted set is ready for you and your friends to write on with...