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Rave Reviews & Feedback from Our Customers

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"My new Global Peace Garden Flag is attached to a bamboo pole sitting in an umbrella holder on our dock, fluttering beautifully and bravely in the midst of a sea of American Flags. It went up on July 4th.
Namaste INDEED!
Rea Bennett Newport Beach, CA

"The Quan Yin and her monk arrived today bringing with them the sun. This Quan Yin is so lovely yet she holds within her a vital stillness. She is the first I have seen for the garden that has that quality of inner energy expressed through quiet contemplation. There are many creatures that offer thanks to West Wind for the visual representations of spiritual being. The flags, the statues, the words, all prayers. Many thanks for the pleasure you have helped to bring about."
D. Campbell Albany, NY

"My son will be going to Iraq soon. I had everyone over to say goodbye. I asked everyone to write a prayer/wish for Paul on the blank prayer flags. I will fly the flags while he is in harm's way, to send everyone's thoughts to him. Then I will give them to him when he returns. Thank you for making this possible. Peace."
Sharen Las Vegas, NV

"The abundance flag is a great recumbent trike flag. Great visibility and great thoughts to everyone along the road."
Kim Gabel Big Pine Key, Fl


I love your flags. They hang in my garden all year receiving prayers and “intent”. Then I take them down, replace with new, wash with sea salt and re-use as gift wrap. I also gift the “Peace” flags. Thank you!


Phoenix, AZ

"Your Tibetan Prayer Flags are the best I have come across by a long shot. They are beautifully designed and beautifully made out of excellent materials, and they last a long time. There are a lot of very tacky flags out there, which obviously have been cobbled together for a quick profit. I think that shows disrespect for the Deities. It's all about intention, isn't it? If we are going to hang prayer flags, we ought to hang the very best we can afford.
Lindsay Lyons New Zealand

"thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for making prayer flags in english. i have the healing prayer flags and it's the cornerstone of my meditation practice. Namaste. Theresa"
Theresa Heald

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new statues!!!! We've had them for a couple of weeks and have now placed them outside in their special places. Quan Yin sits several feet outside of my office window and I love glancing up and seeing her there. Our Monk Releasing Fish sits just outside the front door for now - we're enjoying him so much as we go in and out of the cabin. They are such lovely pieces and so beautifully made - I like that the carvers receive a royalty too. Thank you so much for creating and cultivating such an amazing business with beautiful products."
Lynn S. Oregon

"I just love the prayer flags. We have them in our garden high up on our deck covering. They are framed by beautiful wysteria and birdhouses. Our prayers hit the wind just perfectly in our sanctuary."
Laura McClain Eugene,OR

"I need to order another Namaste set. The five flags were tacked individually on my back fence and a squirrel took two of them... the green one (may I be filled with loving kindness...) and the yellow one (prayer of St. Francis). What a wonderful nest she will have this Spring!"
Helen Birlingame, CA

"I love the Namaste set in English. The thoughts expressed are timeless and beneficial to anyone no matter what their religion or philosophy. I use 2 sets on bamboo poles as borders for my small vegetable garden. It is very interesting to watch the differences in fading for the different colored blocks. I like to imagine that those that fade quicker are the prayers my family really needed most."
LMoore Arkansas