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Tibetan Prayer Flags

For over a thousand years Tibetans have been making and hanging prayer flags. Squares of cloth, in each of the Five Elements/Five Buddha Families' colors (blue, white, red, green and yellow) are printed onto and sewn on a cord in groups of five. Tibetans believe that hanging prayer flags with intention releases positive, energized wishes out to the world on the wind. Loving-Kindness, Peace, Compassion and Wisdom are the themes.

It is a sign of respect to keep Prayer Flags off of the ground or floor. The cloth frays and the printed images fade as they are released to the wind and the heavens. When they are well worn they are often burned, to release the last expression of prayer. It is also common to see old, tattered prayer flags side by side with new ones, left to the elements.

To learn more please visit our Prayer Flag History page. We are passionate about introducing and encouraging Westerners to embrace the beautiful and ancient tradition of prayer flags.


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