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Our Favorite Links

Arbors and Trellises
    Online retailer of arbors, trellises and pergolas for
    outdoor and garden in wood and metal

Arizona Friends of Tibet
    It is the mission of Arizona Friends of Tibet to help alleviate the suffering of Tibetan refugees throughout the world, and to promote cultural and educational activities in Arizona.

Artist Mara Friedman

    Images honoring the sacred feminine.

Bright Futures Foundation
    Bright Futures Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities for people in the poorest corners of the earth to gain an education and access to better healthcare. Currently, Bright Futures Foundation funds a rural health clinic in a remote area of the Himalayan foothills in Nepal, and grants educational scholarships for poor but bright students at Galaxy School in Kathmandu.

Cortesia Sanctuary and Center

    How to create refuge in your life, focusing on gardens, music and flower essences.

Dragon Song Drums
    Beautiful, one-of-a-kind ceramic drums, rattles and teapots created to enhance your life, spiritually and aesthetically.

Educate The Children - Nepal
    Provides scholarships for over 200 girls at two rural high schools. Traditionally, girls have dropped out of school in order to work or take care of younger siblings. Thanks to ETC's efforts, the drop-out rate for girls in our program area has significantly declined.

    Distributes school supplies and uniforms for children whose families cannot afford them.

    Supports public and private school education for 110 orphaned, homeless and poor children in Kathmandu.

    Helps communities build and staff 21 kindergartens. This program is one of our greatest successes with high commendations from the Nepali government.

Garden Statues
    Online retailer of garden statues, including fairy, angel and Buddha garden statues in materials such as bronze, aluminum and iron.

Goddess Gifts
    Authentic reproductions of ancient artifacts found throughout the world's museums are featured, including goddess statues, wall decor, tapestries and reliefs, Jewelry, Drums, Sistrums, Altar Cloths, Candle Shrines, Goddess Clothing, Rubber Stamps, Stickers and Goddess Art. Ancient 'Herstorical' Wisdom and Inspiring Gifts for the beautiful Goddess within each of us. Authentic reproductions of ancient artifacts
    found throughout the world's museums.

Hotel Vajra.com
    Vajra Hotel: An Oasis in Kathmandu - we love this hotel

Incense On the Way
    A beautiful scent uplifts the spirit in just a few seconds. Incense On The Way carries hundreds of Tibetan, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese incense, as well as a number of other related products.

Isha Lerner, astrologer and tarot deck creator

    Online Inner Child Card Readings and more!

Kagyu Sukha Choling
    The Vajrayana Buddhist Center where I study and practice.

Karuna Arts

    Karuna Arts products include prayer flags, banners, and strings of pennants, as well as Goddess clothing, on durable rayon fabric hand batiked in Bali; specializing in Interfaith and Goddess themes to encourage world peace, multicultural awareness and religious harmony.

Mandala -Tools and Gifts for Soulful Living
    Owned by my friend, Valerie Rickel, selling conscious living, fair trade, Buddhist, and New Age gifts and products online since 2001.

Mary Prayer Flags

    Mary Prayer Flags: A beautiful set of 7 flags with images of Mary from different cultures.

    Feel the presence of the Divine Mother and

    let the wind carry Her love to everyone and everything !!

Nepal Embassy USA
    Nepal Embassy: great resource for information about the country of Nepal, its people and culture. Also information about visas for travel there.

READ Nepal
    READ is a non-profit organization building community centers with libraries at their hub in remote Nepali villages. To date, 35 centers have been built, with four more planned for 2005. An essential feature of all READ centers is the sustainability project that each community creates to support their library’s operations. These projects are models of community entrepreneurship and micro funding - ambulances, storefront rentals, factories, fish ponds, rickshaw services, and other businesses.

Relax Into Healing
    Nancy Hopp's own personal healing experiences led her to create RELAX INTO HEALING, a series of acclaimed spoken audio recordings, which are being used in hospitals, clinics, and other healing settings, as well as by thousands of individuals.

Renewable Energy Development International

    Dennis Ramsey runs this non-profit dedicated to improving living conditions in the third world.

Sherpa Brothers Treks
    Quality guided treks in Nepal. Read more in the 'About Us' section.

Spirit Urns
    Original ceramic urns for the ashes of a loved one or pet, also for holding ritual items; carved relief adds to their beauty.

Steppin Out Designs
    Bracelets and T-shirts with a Buddhist theme. Great information too.

Sumiche Handwrought Jewelry
    Gorgeous custom jewelry made for you out of gold, platinum or silver.

The Dalai Lama
    Dalai Lama: spiritual leader of Tibet

The Everest Peace Project
    Lance Trumbull is organizing a Mt. Everest climb for Spring of 2006, dedicated to promoting Peace.

The Family of Light Healing & Yoga Centre
    An international mobile centre offering aromatherapy, art, business counseling, channeling, color therapy, dance, massage, medical intuition, reiki, spiritual healing, sound healing, stone medicine, vibrational yoga and more.

The Government of Tibet in Exile
    Great resource about Tibet

The Hunger Project
    The Hunger Project is a strategic organization and global movement committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.

    In Africa, Asia and Latin America, The Hunger Project empowers local people to create lasting society-wide progress in health, education, nutrition and family incomes.

    Their highest priority is the empowerment of women. Women bear primary responsibility for family health, education and nutrition – yet, by tradition, culture and law they are denied the means, information and freedom of action to fulfill their responsibility. The Hunger Project is committed to transforming this condition.

Thrangu Tara Abbey
    Sponsor an ani (a Tibetan Buddhist nun) at a center outside Kathmandu dedicated to educating women.

Tibet House
    Tibet House: working to perserve the Tibetan Culture, based in NYC

Wings Seminars
    Wings Seminars: outstanding personal empowerment workshops

World Pulse magazine
    Symbolizing the “pulse” of new voices on world issues, World Pulse features solutions-oriented commentary on current events from leading women journalists, analysts, luminaries, and youth worldwide. Rich with evocative photos and stories celebrating a woman’s view of the world, World Pulse is a transformational guidebook for anyone craving inspiring and in-depth global news.