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Rainbow Flags

West Wind Flags Exclusive

Rainbow Flags

West Wind designed the Rainbow Celebration Flags as gentle reminders, encouraging an appreciation of diversity. The magic of a rainbow happens when all the colors of the spectrum are present and shining. These Rainbow Celebration Flags celebrate diversity, honor gay pride and inspire community spirit.

The words on the flags are: Courage, Joy, Spirit, Celebrate, Community, Equality and Diversity.

Wonderful and uplifting, they dance in the wind...with the message of honor and celebration!

Peace on this planet will happen when more people and cultures are respected and treated with kindness, no matter what their differences. Indeed, it is our differences that make us so colorful and interesting.
What kind of world could we create if we all accepted our differences as beautiful and fascinating?

These flags are very popular with college students, summer camps, classroom teachers, Sunday School teachers and for Community Centers.

West Wind Flags Exclusive West Wind Flags Exclusive West Wind Flags Exclusive Price: $15.00