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3 Sets of Global Peace Flags
3 Sets of Global Peace Flags
Spread Peace while you benefit from a Sale! Buy 3 Sets and Save $11. 49.00 More details

Inspired by her vision while trekking in the high Himalaya of Nepal, France Robinson created West Wind Prayer Flags in 2000. We offer original designs: prayer flags in English, peace flags, rainbow flags and healing flags. We also carry traditional Tibetan prayer flags.

Firmly grounded in 'Fair Trade', West Wind is happy to be working with a family of Tibetan Buddhist prayer flag makers in Kathmandu, Nepal who make our high quality flags from 100% fine cotton.

Many thanks for visiting our site. Namaste and be well.


I love your flags. They hang in my garden all year receiving prayers and “intent”. Then I take them down, replace with new, wash with sea salt and re-use as gift wrap. I also gift the “Peace” flags. Thank you!

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